Summer Camp 2022

Summer Camp 2023 - Choose your summer activities!

This year's Summer Camp is open to children who are not enrolled during the academic year at The British School of Costa Daurada.

The Summer Camp is specifically designed for each age group.

Each week is based on a different theme: cooking, sports, adventure, robotics, nautical and sailing. All of them are exciting, fun, technological and full of daytrips, visits and experiences in outdoor spaces.

You can select the weeks in which you want to participate based on your needs and interests of your child.


This year you can choose between 2 possibilities:

- Morning only: 9 am to 1 pm (lunch not included)

- All day: 9 am to 4 pm (includes lunch)

The activities related to the theme of the week are carried out in the morning.

In some weeks the only option available is ALL DAY, since the entire schedule is necessary to carry out the program (for example, sailing).

In some activities, which involve a daytrip, the schedule will also be ALL DAY. In these cases, an extra fee will be charged for the dining or picnic service of that day for those families on Morning Only option.


The prices of each week vary depending on the activities that are carried out and the cost of the necessary external services and the materials needed in the activities, as well as the bus service.

In each "post-it" section of the informative flyer you can see the exact price of the week.

Discounts: NON-CUMULATIVE 10% discount will be made in the event that a complete registration is made for 5 weeks of Summer or with the registration of a sibling.

Complementary services


Return trip= 30€/week

One way = 20€/week

VERY IMPORTANT - The service lines will be organized depending demand.

Morning & Afternoon Club

Morning Club = €25/week (from 7:30 am)

Afternoon Club = €25/week (until 5 pm)

Other important information

This year's Summer Camp has limited places for each week, these places will be assigned in strict order of registration.

We are very happy to announce the return of our summer sleep overs this year, which will begin with a family gathering, where we will invite you to bring a dish to share and enjoy each other's company, before the children have their exciting sleep over. This event will be held on July 13th.

If you have any questions, please contact us by e-mail at

The registration period starts soon:

BSCD Students: May 2nd to May 16th (APP) – Non-BSCD Students: May 17th to May 31st, through the following link:  Reserve (FULL)

Activity programs for each year group