The school uniform helps students to feel they belong to the educational community parents have voluntarily chosen for their child or children. It is for this reason we expect all families to comply with our uniform policy.

EYFS (0 – 5 YEARS)

Students from 0 to 5 years of age must wear a long or short tracksuit. The winter tracksuit consists of trousers, a jumper, and a long sleeve t-shirt. The summer tracksuit consists of shorts, a short sleeve t-shirt, and a light zippered jacket.

Starting in Year 1



The school smock is mandatory for all from Nursery until Year 2.

The school rucksack is mandatory until the end of Key Stage 2.

For P.E. all children must wear the school tracksuit, which consists of trousers, a school t-shirt, and a light jacket. The P.E. kit comes in a winter and summer version. All students must wear plain white trainers.

The uniform must be bought at the school.